Representatives of the BelCCI are appointed in Austria, Belgium, Russia (Lipetsk region)

Date: September 26, 2019

The Presidium of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to appoint the representatives of the BelCCI in the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Russian Federation (Lipetsk Region).

The BelCCI representative in Austria is Karl Michael Angerer.

Mr. Angerer has been working in the system of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for many years. He has been the regional director for cooperation with countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia for five years.

Michael Angerer actively promotes the establishment of contacts between Belarusian and Austrian companies, took a direct part in supporting major bilateral projects, preparing Belarusian-Austrian business events (business forums, business missions, meetings of the Business Council and others). He has extensive contacts with representatives of state bodies and business circles of Belarus.

The BelCCI representative in Belgium is Jerome Jos.

Mr. Jos is a lawyer at Van Hoorebeke Advocaten, the director of the Flemish Chamber of Commerce for cooperation with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and an employee of the Honorary Consulate of Belarus in Flanders. He takes an active part in organizing trade and economic events, business meetings and business missions, presentations of Belarusian enterprises, helps Belarusian companies in promoting their products on the Belgian market, and organizes various image events that promote the distribution of information about Belarus among Belgian businessmen. He organized a number of visits of Belarusian business circles to Belgium, study trips of Belgian businessmen to Belarus.

The BelCCI representative in the Lipetsk region of Russia is Valery Borisovich Zolotarev.

Over the years, Valery Zolotarev has made a significant contribution to the implementation of fruitful cooperation between Belarusian and Russian enterprises and organizations. Since 2010, he has been participating in the activities of the Working Group on Cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Lipetsk Region of the Russian Federation. He helped to organize cooperation Yelets State University. I.A. Bunina with the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, MTZ OJSC, Gomselmash OJSC, AMKODOR OJSC, Lidagroprommash OJSC on the study of new samples of Belarusian equipment, seminars are regularly held for agricultural workers with the participation of Belarusian experts and specialists in the field of agriculture.

The representative of the BelCCI is a person who is not in the regular office staff of the BelCCI and whose task is to act in the interests of the BelCCI on a voluntary basis.

26 september