Certification of goods of domestic manufacture

Vitebsk branch of the BelCCI, UE grant own production certificates in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers d/d November 20, 2010 No. 1520 “On approval of the Regulations on the procedure of own production certification (works, services) and Regulations on the procedure of own services certification to banks, non-bank financial and insurance companies”.
Criteria and conditions for recognition of manufacturers’ goods as goods of own production are defined by the Council of Ministers Resolution d/d December 17, 2001 No. 1817 “On approval of the Regulations on products recognition (works, services) as goods of own production (works, services)”.
These certificates are issued after examination and confirm production recognition as goods of own production. The certificates are granted on the basis of applications made by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs including commercial organizations with foreign investments and the FEZ residents while participating in tenders, auctions, trading sessions, receiving of tax and customs privileges, etc.


  • Authenticated copy of the certificate of registration of a business entity;
  • Copy of a Charter, a foundation agreement, and amendments and supplements, introduced to foundation documents (with the stamp of a registering authority); 
  • Certificate about major procedures of technological process of products manufacturing with the indication of the official who approved it and the date of approval;
  • Certificate about fixed assets. Balance sheets of fixed assets management, and the documents, confirming availability or purchase of fixed assets used for products manufacturing (agreements, consignment notes, payment orders or consignment notes for counterdelivery in case of barter; technical certificates of buildings, land-use certificates, State Traffic Patrol registration certificates of vehicles);
  • In case of fixed assets renting or leasing - contract of lease. Lease statements and documents on rental payments. In case of sublease or state property lease there shall be submitted consent of a lessor, an authorized state body.
  • Data on raw materials and materials used for products manufacturing: No.No. clauses Item, Supplier, No.No. contracts, consignment notes, payment orders with documents, confirming their purchase; contracts (with specifications), consignment notes and payment orders or consignment notes for counterdelivery;
  • List of workers, manufacturing products with an indication of the position (specialty), full name of a worker, service record book number. In case of a by-job, there shall be attached the copies of orders on hiring an employee. Independent work contracts are not accepted.

Additionally supplied:

  • Special permission (license) for carrying out the respective kind of activity;
  • Certificate of creation of an authorized fund (for enterprises with foreign investments);
  • Certificate of securities registration (for JSC); - certificate of property registration in the register of republican property (for state enterprises of republican property);
  • License agreement and a treaty of cession of a trademark right (in case of cession of a trademark right), registered in Belgospatent;
  • Certificates of conformance, certificates of hygienic registration of manufactured products.
  • Copies of all the documents shall be verified by the signature of a director of an applicant and an ink stamp.
  • An applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the submitted documents. Applications with documents, submitted not in full aren't accepted.